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Special Promotions

JLL Painting & home Improvements, Inc. contractor is offering house painting Drywall carpentry staining crown molding framing power washing  
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Painting A House Exterior: 5 Tips For Perfection

When guests arrive at a house, the first thing that they notice is the outside appearance of the house. They will notice if a yard is unkempt, or if a home looks like it is leaning. People even notice when a roof looks dirty.
The first thing that most guests notice is the paint job, though. They see the color, and they notice whether it is chipped and unsightly or looks like it was handled by the professionals.
This is why many homeowners take the exterior paint job on their home so seriously. Follow these tips to guarantee that a home looks picture perfect.
  1. Hire Professional Painters
Professional exterior painters are a hassle free way to guarantee that a home looks it's best. Hiring exterior painters means that a homeowner can enjoy a professional look without having to lift a finger.
These men know the best colors to use, already have the tools for the job, and they are full of useful tips about how to keep a paint job looking new.
  1. Check Out the Company Before Hiring
One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is hiring the cheapest company in town. While this might save money at first, it doesn't mean that it is a good idea. If they do a bad job, a homeowner may wind up spending more money to hire another company to fix the paint job.
They may also use cheap paint, or inexperienced professional that do not know how to properly paint the outside of a house.
Overall, it can lead to homeowners spending thousands of extra dollars to get a high-quality paint job.
Instead of dealing with that, check out the painting company before hiring them. Ask friends and family members for references, and ask the company if they have references that can be contacted.
  1. Pick a Neutral Color
Exterior painters may be full of advice, but color preference is so diverse among clients that this is usually left up to the clients. Most professional exterior painters will recommend going with a neutral color though.
Neutral colors are more socially acceptable, and they are easy on the eyes. This makes this an ideal choice for residential units, especially if the home is being rented out. Tenants will never balk at the thought of living in a home that is painted a bright color, and a nice shade of light brown will not show dirt as easily as a lighter color, like white.
  1. Don't Forget the Trim and Doors
Most professional exterior painters will paint the trim when they paint the rest of the house, but the door may be something extra. Often, clients think that everything is included. This could mean that the entire house will look brand new, except for the door.
Before hiring a company, make sure to clarify that the trim and doors will be painted as well, and don't forget to pick coordinating colors for both of them.
  1. Wash the Surface
It is a well-known fact that paint will not stick as well to a dirty surface. This is why professionals usually wash the walls before applying the first coat.
The thing is, not all paint companies wash the surface as well as they should. Some companies have their own powerwashers that they will use, and other companies simply rinse off the house real quick before they get started on the job.
To make sure that the new paint job lasts as long as it should, homeowners might want to give the house a good power wash before the painting crew arrives to get started on the job.
Painting the outside of a house can turn out beautiful or a disaster. Follow these tips to make sure it turns out beautiful.
Colossus Painting provides commercial and residential services that are geared towards making everything more beautiful, both inside and out. Services include: painting, power washing, touch up paint jobs, varnishing, staining, stucco and more. Environmentally friendly services are also available for all buildings, including government buildings. Over 15 years of experience has taught the staff at this San Diego company a variety of skills, and the importance of customer satisfaction. They pride themselves on performing jobs quickly while producing amazingly beautiful results. Pictures of previous projects can be viewed on their website. Customers are able to contact this business via their website, phone or on a walk in basis. For more details visit:

Residential Interior House Painting Contractor

Residential Interior House Painting Contractor

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Commercial Painting Services

  • Interior & Exterior Painting
  • Maintenance Painting
  • Common Areas schools
  • Pressure washing
  • Commercial Grade Epoxy floors
  • Wallcovering Installation & Removal
  • Elastomeric & Weatherproofing
  • Caulking

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Interior Painting Services

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  • Cabinet Painting & Sealing
  • Decorative Painting (faux)
  • Color Consulting                                                                                                                                                                                    

Cabinet Painting and Clear Coating Services

  • Existing Painted Cabinets
  • Convert Oak or Other Hardwood Cabinets to Paint
  • Removal of Hardware and Reinstall
  • Sprayed or Hand Brushed Options
  • Solid Colors or Light Antique Finishes
  • Staining & Lacquering of Existing Wood Cabinets
  • Stripping Old Finish and Restaining
  • Spraying or Hand Brushed
  • Clear Coating Cabinets
  • Repainting of Cabinets
  • Staining
  • Stripping and Staining of Woodwork
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  • Residential Painting Services

    JLL Painting & Home Improvements Inc,Is Helping you turn your house into a Beauty Interior & Exterior through residential painting services in Rockland County.NY

    A fresh coat of paint is a wonderful, easy way of turning a house into a home! JLL Painting & home improvements Inc, of Rockland County
    has the skill, talent, and passion to help customers revamp the look of their homes through our residential painting services. We understand that your house is a place where lives are lived and memories are continuously being made. Therefore, a house is truly a personal space. We strive to improve the way a customer's home looks without losing the homeowner's personal touch.   JLL Paintings of Rockland County is committed to providing the absolute best residential painting services in the New City area.      JLL Painting & home improvements Inc, 
     is your one source for all your professional painting needs in Rockland County, NY. Whether interior or exterior, commercial or residential, our customers appreciate the JLL Painting & home improvements Inc, Difference.
    From accurate estimating to timely scheduling, paint color consultations to our detailed painting process and follow up,we deliver a painting experience like no one else in the business. From start to finish, JLLPainting & home improvements Inc, delivers on our process – and promise – of Certainty.
    Our work speaks for itself. View our residential portfolio and      read our testimonials.
    Why Choose JLLPainting & home improvements Inc,?
    • Reputation. Our reputation speaks for itself. We deliver one of the best painting values in the region while delivering excellence in customer service.
    • Competitive Pricing. We provide you with the highest quality work at competitive prices with all the project details spelled out in a professional proposal. We DO NOT require a deposit up front. You pay after the work has been completed to your satisfaction.
    • Professional Painters. Not day laborers, not temp workers. We are not jacks-of-all-trades. We only do painting and the services directly related painting, like drywall repair, wallpaper removal, power washing, carpentry, and color consulting.
    • Warranty. A contractor can promise you the moon, but will they call you back after they’ve been paid? A "Chuck-in-a-truck" has a warranty that is up when he changes his company name or his cell phone number. We have a brick and mortar office with an actual business address. Our franchise parent is behind us. We will even send you a post card when your warranty is about to expire in order to remind you about our free warranty inspection.
    • Insurance. We will not just tell you we are insured, we will provide you copies of our liability and more importantly our workers compensation insurance. You and your property are not at risk when you choose us.

How to Power Washing Decks

How to Power Washing Decks

Why to Power wash your deck?
Decks usually become off gray and dull after some time. Both hot sticky summers and cold winters eat up the foundation of wooden decks. It is said that deck needs extra maintenance and care during the regular clean-ups too.
Decks need a high pressure power wash for becoming shiny and new. Deck needs different kind of washing detergent and care as the same pressure can broke all your window and door glasses while power cleaning. Moreover power washing decks help to avoid future maintenance costs and expenses.

How to power wash your deck or fence?

As said earlier, deck needs extreme care and tricks while pressure washing and hence I believe in giving this in the hands of an expert. Any concrete company online or offline should have good experience and license in dealing with the pressure washing services. Moreover you can choose a company that has different kinds of pressure washing services along with deck, fence and siding. Experts can handle these tasks in a better way without damaging your house windows and doors.
For power washing decks, one needs to have perfect knowledge and research work. Power washing or power cleaning decks done with the help of an expert concrete company brings good results. It is as good as invested money brings nice returns but any mistake done by you or the professional can lead to heavy damages. Therefore I suggest giving this work in the hand of some experienced and old company.
There are four stages in pressure washing deck. First step is obviously choosing the right concrete company for carrying out the task, second step is choosing supplies, third step is spraying and the last step includes additional techniques and methods. If all these steps are performed well and with expertise then your money invested on pressure washing deck gives great result.
As people use different materials for preparing their decks, it is must to look at the material before pressure washing it. Decks are made up of wood, plastic or vinyl including aluminum. All these materials need different pressure point for getting cleaned and hence take this significant point into consideration while power washing deck.
There is no good or bad time for pressure washing services and hence one can start this procedure anytime during any season. I believe that before any good festivals one can start with the idea of power cleaning services.
We are professional  Deck power washing contractor. 
  • Deck power washing
  • staining deck
  • painting deck 
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